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Royal Perfect Cream

Royal Perfect Cream

Royal Perfect Cream 15gm
Formulated in France
BPFK Notification No: NOT180803775K

Turn Back Your Age Clock With Royal Perfect Cream

Royal Perfect Cream that may bring essential benefits as following : 

  • Smoothens away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Stimulates production of active collagen in skin cells.
  • Heals and restore damaged skin at speed.
  • Reduces fine lines and improves uneven skin tones and complexion.
  • Regains fresher and smoother skin, to look younger and healthier.

Ingredients :


This active ingredient won the prize in European Innovation " Best Active Ingredient " in 2008. Apple Stem Cell are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, assuring the longevity of skin cells of the numerous benefits of apple stem cells, the most predominant include repairs damaged tissue and organs, increase the vitality of skin stem cells and longevity, activates of skin stem cell regeneration, prevent aging and deep wrinkles.


    Honey Extract is naturally antibacterial and perfect ingredient for natural hydration of the skin. It helps to balance the skin moisture levels and improve the appearance of your skin without using any harsh chemicals. In cosmetics it is widely used to reduce inflammation and aid in tissue health.


      Royal Jelly has some amazing healing properties for the skin and has been found to have strong antibacterial properties. It has also been said to stop the growth of bacteria that cause various skin infections. Royal Jelly contains amino acids, a basic ingredient in collagen, it helps to maintaining the skin's firmness by supporting the skin's connective tissue and reverse the effects of aging in the skin.


        Agarwood oil is a resinous substance that is secreted from agarwood tree after being injured. It is from Indonesia and has 3,000 to 5,000 years of history. His main functions are soothing nerves, promoting blood circulation, increase moisture and hydration of skin.


          Hydrolyzed pearl powder is a seawater pearl powder that is 100% water soluble. It is easily absorbed by skin, and is known as "Queen of Gems" and "Whitening Saints". Hydrolyzed pearl powder is from Hepu, which is from the northwestern part of China. It contains pearl protein, trace elements of amino acids and minerals. The most important functions of hydrolyzed pearl powder are whitening, wrinkle removal and pigmentation.

            Questions And Answers
            1. Q :

              What is Royal Perfect Cream?

              A :

              It is a skin care product that is formulated using Swiss Apple Stem Cell, Royal Jelly, Honey Extract, Agarwood Oil and Pearl Powder.

            2. Q :

              What is the effect of RPC on damaged skin?

              A :

              The essentials ingredients in RPC is able to activate the formation of collagens in skin cells, which helps to heal and restore damaged skin speedily.

            3. Q :

              Is RPC able to reduce wrinkles on the face?

              A :

              RPC contains Royal Jelly, Honey Extract and Agarwood Oil that helps to improve skin structure and elasticity, therefore reducing wrinkles, black spots and aging of the skin.

            4. Q :

              Does RPC helps in skin whitening?

              A :

              RPC’s essential ingredient includes Pearl Powder, which consist of 22 types of amino acid, mucopolysaccharide, natural moisturizing elements, complex vitamins, various minerals and antioxidant that helps to improve skin appearance such that the skin will be smoother and healthier.

            5. Q :

              Other than for skin care, are there any more benefits in using RPC?

              A :

              When the skin is scalded by hot water, applying RPC on the affected area helps to reduce the pain and heal the wound within 1 week. (Please refer to company’s testimonial)

            6. Q :

              For the injury mentioned above, what best way to apply RPC for maximum result?

              A :

              Wash the wound immediately with water and dry with towel. Then, apply RPC and avoid touching the wound and any contact with water. Repeat the same method for 1 week. The wound will heal without leaving any scars.

            7. Q :

              Does RPC have the skin firming effect?

              A :

              It nourishes and regenerate skin cells to restore skin elasticity and prevent aging of the skin. The skin will become firmer and smoother.

            8. Q :

              What is the best way to apply RPC to obtain the above results?

              A :

              After facial cleansing in the day and at night, apply a suitable amount of RPC uniformly into the desired area. Gently massage the skin until the RPC is fully absorbed into the skin.

            9. Q :

              Is RPC suitable for all types of skin? Can RPC be used by both male and females?

              A :

              It is suitable for normal and dry skin. For oily skin, it is recommended that one consumes PSC first to improve skin condition before applying RPC. RPC can be used by both male and females.

            10. Q :

              How to store RPC after opening it to ensure maximum shelf life?

              A :

              Store below 30° and avoid exposure to the sun or placing it in a car. It is recommend to store the RPC in the refrigerator.