Our Leadership
Since young, he has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that motivated him to undergo advanced studies in Marketing after graduating from secondary school, which is the first step in his business venture. He has taken up managerial positions in Marketing for many companies, gaining him 20 years of experience in the business field. His expertise lies in online marketing, where he possess knowledge of various marketing strategies and tactics. Because of that, he is acutely aware of the current market structure and its changes, and therefore able to generate innovative marketing schemes. He uses advanced business system to market his high quality products, where he promoted his unwavering pledge that “everyone can be healthy, everyone can be a enterprener.

Having excelled in the mathematical field since primary school, she graduated college and ventured to Singapore to obtain her ACCA certificate to be qualified as an accountant. She once worked for a global company in Singapore as an accounting consultant and manager,and took charge of the company’s internal financial matters to ensure that it complies with the accounting standards. With 20 years of accounting and managerial experience, together with her calm and practical nature, she led a team of like-minded entrepreneurs to create a business platform that shares a caring and harmonious workplace culture. Her close knitted team of excellent leaders and cooperative followers has kept the company confident in face of various challenges. With the vision “Live healthily, open up our future”, the company has flourished over the years under her leadership.