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Mantapbro Coffee

Mantapbro Coffee

20 sachets x 25g
Certified Jakim Halal
Certified SGS Coffee Lab
KKM,600-7/2/14 Jld.B4 (2)

Halal Certificate | SGS Test

Mantapbro Coffee is a fresh and aromatic brew that does not contain any preservatives and pigments.
Mantapbro Coffee’s slogan: Remember me!

Ingredients :

Cocoa beans

Cocoa beans come from Amazon in South America. It is rich in nutrients, proteins, minerals, fiber and vitamins. Cocoa beans are preferred by most people and are used to produce a variety of foods and drinks.

    Tongkat Ali

    Tongkat Ali is a kind of plant in tropical rainforests like Malaysia and Indonesia with title of "Malaysia Ginseng". Tongkat Ali roots are rich in minerals. It is a natural herb to be used to treat various diseases. It helps to increase testosterone, libido, fatigue, stamina and prevent aging.

      Fish Collagen

      Fish collagen used is from French which is a high quality fish collagen. It contains 70% protein which extracted from deepest sea fish with enough water pressure to enable a stronger structure and is easily absorbed by our body. It also helps maintain a strong bone structure.

        Arabica Coffee Beans

        Arabica coffee bean originated from a mountain forest in Ethiopia, Africa. It has dominated most of the world coffee market and its price is much higher than other type of coffee in the world. It has a strong aroma, light viscosity and low acidity, its caffeine content is lower than other coffee beans and contains protein, minerals, glucose, and natural fat.

          Questions And Answers
          1. Q :

            What is Mantapbro coffee?

            A :

            Mantapbro coffee is a specially blended instant coffee that contains top quality collagen from France.

          2. Q :

            Other than containing collagen, what are other special ingredients that is used in Mantapbro coffee?

            A :

            Mantapbro coffee is also perfectly blended with fresh cocoa beans from France, Arabica coffee beans and Tongkat Ali essence. Not only it has a smooth and exquisite taste, it also contains antioxidant, making it highly suitable to be consumed on a daily basis.

          3. Q :

            How is Mantapbro coffee beneficial for health?

            A :

            As it contains Tongkat Ali and collagen extract from France seawater fish, it is highly beneficial in strengthening our bone structure and skin tissue.

          4. Q :

            Are there other benefits derived from Mantapbro coffee?

            A :

            As Mantapbro coffee contains cocoa, top quality coffee beans and antioxidants, it can help to reduce fatigue and increase energy level. It also does not contain any preservatives and harmful pigments, and is certified by Jakim Halal Malaysia and SGS

          5. Q :

            Is Mantapbro coffee suitable for children, pregnant women and those suffering from diabetes?

            A :

            Children below 10 years old, pregnant woman and those suffering from diabetes are not advised to consume.

          6. Q :

            Is it possible to blend Mantapbro coffee with ice or consume with ice?

            A :

            Absolutely. In fact, this is one of Mantapbro coffee’s most unique features. For even better taste, it is recommended to add pieces of ice cake on top of the coffee smoothie.