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Vellres Aroma Oil

Vellres Aroma Oil

Vellres Aroma Oil 10ml

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Vellres Aroma Oil, the most natural scent to boost your health and energy...

Bio Tech Vellres Aroma Oil is obtained by extracting the natural and aromatic essences of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood tree and Pyrethrum, which creates our unique essential oil recipe. The pure essential oil derived from different plants and flowers, is the natural plants hormone, which contains mountain spiritual energies and the essence of “heaven an earth”. It supplies nourishment to all our body tissues throught respiratory system and skin. It is a natural remedy for healthcare and body treatment. Modern scientists have now proved that aroma oil is not solely a home healthcare and treatment product, but also to achieve emotional balance, to relieve tension, stress and to reduce tiredness. It promotes the health of body, mind and spirit and it can enhance an individual’s innate healing precess. Bio Tech Vellres Aroma Oil uses 100% natural ingredients, wit no alcohol, preservatives or artificial additivess added. It does not contain any flammable ingredients and it is environmentally-friendly. Bio Tech Vellres Aroma Oil has so much health benefits with excellent results performed, it is recommended for household and individual users. Bring more scent into your daily life today! Began living a healthier and more natural lifestyle now!

Benefits of Bio Tech Vellres Aroma Oil :

  1. The fresh and elegant fragrance given out by aroma oil, is able to eliminate unpleasant smell in bedroom and to purify indoor air.
  2. Aroma oil can be applied in office as it refreshes human mind, relives stress and tension. We can be more focused on work and productivity will be improved.
  3. To prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus.
  4. Improve respiratory system and to keep mosquitoes and insects away.
  5. Improve sleep, relax muscles and to achieve balance mentally and physically.
  6. To relax our mind, to relieve stress and to enhance human innate healing process.
  7. To strengthen elegance of your home and living space.
  8. Help to relieve depression and anxiety.
  9. Enhance brain memory and improve concentration.

Ingredients :



Lemongrass is an herb which belongs to the grass family. Its scientific name is Cymbopogon. It is a genus of about 55 species of grasses which can be commonly seen. Lemongrass takes its name from the lemon smell. It is native to tropical regions in Southeast Asia and grows on hill slopes at an altitude of 50 - 500 meters. It has been used as cooking spice in Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Lemongrass is also the most versatile herbal oil raw material used in aromatherapy. It can be natural fragrances for indoor use too. It is widely applied in aromatherapy to treat migraines, antibacterial, improves the digestive system, deodorant, relieve tension, worm-expelling and so on.



    Eucalyptus belongs to the myrtle family and native to Australia. Its average height is 30 meters and above. It is the most representative tree species in Australia. Some of them grow in New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippine islands. The name of eucalyptus is derived from the Greek words, where (eu) “well” and (calyptus) “covered”, meaning that the calyx which forms a lid over the flowers when in bud. The Aboriginal people called eucalyptus as “anti-heat tree”. They used its leaves to treat wounds, fever and inflammation. They also burn the tree for the purpose of expelling worms keep the surroundings clean. Burning aroma oil that extracted from eucalyptus can purify the air, eliminate unpleasant odour, relieve tension, stay focused and improve the respiratory system.


      Sandalwood tree

      Sandalwood tree (scientific name Santalum album) is root hemi-parasites. It originated in the East of India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. It is an ancient and mysterious species. It’s known as “Sacred Tree” and “Wealth-Fetching Tree” in religion and feng shui. In the history of China, sandalwood tree was called “Emperor Tree” as it symbolized power and status. Pure sandalwood is a precious Chinese herbal medicine. It can be made in the form of slice or powder, and then burn in the sandalwood furnace. Its fragrance contains unique feature of calming nerves and eliminate distractions in mind. The health benefits of using aroma oil that extracted from sandalwood in aromatherapy include sedate one’s mind, eliminate fatigue and tension.



        Pyrethrum (scientific name Pyrethrum cinerariifolium) is a perennial plant in daisy family. It originated in the Mediterranean region and founded in Serbia. Pyrethrum consists of economic and ornamental values. Its roots, stems, flowers and leaves contain natural insecticide substances. These substances can be extracted to make various natural insecticides which are eco-friendly, no drug resistance, harmless to human and animals. When using these substances in aromatherapy, it can chase away mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other pests.



          Lavender is a fragrant aromatic, and relaxing herb, Lavender essential oil helps to accelerates cell renewal, balance the sebum secretion, strengthen concentration, kill bacteria, detoxify body, purify air and to improve sleep.

            Questions And Answers
            1. Q :

              What is Vellres Aroma Oil?

              A :

              It is an aroma oil extracted from natural plant extracts.

            2. Q :

              What are the ingredients of Vellres Aroma Oil?

              A :

              It contains Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Pyrethrum and Lavender extract.

            3. Q :

              What are the benefits and effects of Vellres Aroma Oil?

              A :

              a. To regulate and stimulate one’s body energy, in order to achieve spiritual healing, balance emotions, and relieve stress.
              b. It exudes fresh and elegant fragrance, eliminating unpleasant smell in bedroom and air purifying. It has the effect of eliminating mosquitoes and surroundings sterilizing.
              c. To improve memory and refresh human mind to be more focused on work and increase work productivity.
              d. To prevent mental depression

            4. Q :

              Is it helps to improve insomnia?

              A :

              It is an essential oil extracted from natural plants, hence, it contains the essence of nature which is known as “Plant Hormone”. Its scent is absorbed by human’s body, helps to improve our respiratory system and relieve stress in order to make one’s easy to fall asleep.

            5. Q :

              Does it safety to use?

              A :

              The product is 100% natural, does not contain any alcohol, flammable chemicals or preservatives, hence, it is absolutely safety to use.

            6. Q :

              How to use to get a better effects?

              A :

              a. Pour water into the water trap of the aroma burner, put two drops of aroma oil and light up aroma burner
              b. Put 2-3 drops into a glass spray bottle, spray the corners of each room, sofa, wardrobe, shoe cabinet and others
              c. Pour it into the bottle of car air freshener which is finished used, in order to purify & sterilize the air in the car, to drive away cockroach and keep the performance of air-conditioning in the car.
              d. For cloths and bedding sterilization, put 3 to 4 drops of Vellres Aroma Oil into the washing machine. It can be used during washing children's and baby's clothing
              e. It can be dripped into the tissue paper, fold into square and put into the wardrobe, inside the shoe for deodorizing purpose, sterilizing and prevent insects

            7. Q :

              Who needs to avoid using this product?

              A :

              Pregnant women and people who are particularly sensitive to scent are advised NOT to use this product.

            8. Q :

              How do users stored and keep the product?

              A :

              a. Avoid exposing to the sunlight or keep into a car without air conditioning for a long time of period
              b. Avoid direct contact with furniture made of silicone, plastic and wood, as natural essential oils has the effect of corrosive silicone, plastic and wood
              c. Avoid direct contact with eyes