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Reyoung Air Purifier

Reyoung Air Purifier

Cleanse the air with negative ion purification

making you feel refreshed with every deep breath you take!

FIVE Core Advantages :

  1. Millions of Negative Ions – improve air quality and provides you with fresh air indoors
  2. Counter Formaldehyde Emissions – technology embedded in product efficiently removes formaldehyde in the air
  3. Soundless Equipment–ensures that your sleep will not be disturbed even while the product is in use
  4. SuperiorFiltration &Purification System – multiple layers of filtration ensures that even the smallest pollutants will be removed from the air
  5. Three Different Fan-Speed – To be controlled as desired by the user to meet individual air purification needs

3-layers High Performance Air Filtration System :

1st layer : BIO-HEPA Filter –filters large particles in the air such as hair, dust and allergens.

2nd layer : BiowaveFilter – efficient removal of micro-particles such as PM2.5, smoke, bacteria, viruses and mites.

3rd layer : Negative ions – efficient removal of various harmful gases and odors such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and volatile organic compounds (TVOC) etc

Product Features :

Smart, User-friendly, Easy to transport, Durable & Highly Purification

With build-in air quality sensor that automatically detect air pollutants

Sound feature is set at 1stfan-speed and only at 21dB, ensuring comfortable silence

Remove controllable with sleep mode, ionizer mode and 3-fan speed to cater different air purification needs

Special anti-friction feature that helps with ease in transportation

High quality purification functions as below:

  • Release of millions of negative ions
  • Removal of >99% of PM2.5 particles
  • Elimination of >99% of bacteria in the air
  • Removal of 95% of benzene
  • Removal of 99% of ammonia
  • Removal of 95% of formaldehyde
  • Removal of >99% of toluene volatile organic compounds (TVOC)

Product Parameter :

Dimensions360mm x 180mm x 560mm (length x width x height)
Power Supply220V / 50Hz
Maximum Power35W
Fan-speed coverage200m3 to 300m3
Usage area30 to 50m2
Net Weight4kg
Remote control detectionwithin 10 meters
MaterialEngineering grade ABS plastic with original electronics
Filter replacement period12 month (using the Indoor Air Quality index as an indicator)

Caution :

  1. Avoid direct contact of machine with water, or insert / pull off the plug with wet hand.
  2. Do not use water, liquids, detergent or any flammable materials to clean or to spray onto the machine.
  3. Avoid blocking the air inlet and air outlet of the machine.
  4. Avoid apply with a power extension cord unless it is proven safety to use.
  5. Stop using the machine when it is damage or in abnormal condition.
  6. Do not self-disassemble or self-modify the machine to avoid causing complications in the internal structure of the machine and damaging it.
  7. Unplug the power cord when the machine is not in use for a long time.
  8. Avoid using machine at unstable temperature places / rooms
  9. If any abnormal sound, odor or smoke comesfromthe internal parts of the machine, unplug the power cord immediately.
  10. Do not self-disassemble the plug. If the plug does not conform to the power port, a safety adapter can be bought at any store in the local market.
  11. Ensure theadapter is properly connected, and avoid overloaded and shall be heat-resistant.
  12. When handling the machine, it must be placed on a dry and stable surface. Leaving the distant of machine to the wall or furniture at lease 20cm away, and air outlet is at least 30cm.
  13. Only original filters provided by the company are required to use / to replace with.
  14. Avoid drag, drop, or insert sharp objects into / towards any part of the machine.
  15. When testing or maintaining the machine, the power must be disconnected. Using a soft dry cloth to clean the machine, and use a soft brush to remove dust on the surface of fan inlet and fan outlet parts of the machine.
  16. When shift on the negative-ion function, there was a subtle “ZizZiz” sound which is considering the machine works properly.
  17. If the machine is out of order or is found in abnormal condition, please contact the company or distributors for further assistance.

Instructions :

Connect the machine to the appropriate power port.

  1. ON/OFF(开/ 关)

    Turn on: Tap the remote control ON/OFF button. The mid-range fan speed is automatically been set on when the machine is start operating.

    Turn off: Press the remote control ON/OFF button again to turn off the machine

  2. Fan-Speed (风速)

    Select the desired fan-speed according to the mode display

    Auto Mode(净化): It is recommended shift to mid-fan speed when it is a few people in a room / a place.

    Sleep Mode (睡眠): Low fan-speed is recommended

    Smart Mode(智能): High fan-speed is recommended when the room is crowded,smoke or indoor air is not in a healthy condition.

  3. Time Setting Mode(定时)

    There are 4 options of time setting

    2H, 4H, 6H and 8H at regular intervals

  4. Negative-ion Mode(负离子)

    When the button is pressed, negative-ion’s light on and is start operating.