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Perfect Mask

Perfect Mask

Experience Fairer, Firmer, Youthful skin instantaneously !

BioTech Perfect Mask For fairer, brighter, even-toned complexion !!

Perfect Tourmaline Ion Lightwave beauty masks is made ​​from nano-powdered natural minerals. The Tourmaline natural polycrystalline composite chips perform the role of facial acupuncture, using the magnetic field effect on the human body.

Tourmaline emits far-infrared and natural negative ions using the human body’s warmth and resonance effect that can produce biological ionic light wave which has powerful osmotic force, activation, and metabolism allowing it to effectively penetrate the skin deep for up to nine millimeters, activating the acupuncture points, enhancing cells viability, smoothing out wrinkles, promoting skin micro vascular blood circulation, diluting deposition of pigment and keeping the skin young. The composite crystal wafer can also create high-frequency micro-vibrations through facial acupuncture point and clean the oxidized free radical to help refresh and protect skin.

Long-term use can effectively prevent the skin aging by removing wrinkles and achieving a firming effect that smoothen, brighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Suitable for users who:

Spend several hours on the computers, watching TV, studying , driving as well as those who suffers from chronic insomnia, trigeminal neuralgia and those whose eye wrinkles/dark circles caused by fatigue

Questions And Answers
  1. Q :

    What is Perfect Mask?

    A :

    Perfect Mask is a unique facial mask made from Nano-powdered natural minerals using Tourmaline natural polycrystalline composite chips.

  2. Q :

    What is Tourmaline? Does it have any special effect?

    A :

    Tourmaline is crystalline boron silicate mineral. Its unique feature lies in its dielectric properties, which allows it to possess thermoelectric effect and infrared emission, and act as a permanent electrode. It is also known as “Air Vitamin”, in which it can emit far-infrared and natural negative ions to improve microcirculation in the body.

  3. Q :

    What is the effect of Perfect Mask effect on the face?

    A :

    Tourmaline emits far-infrared and natural negative ions using human body’s warmth and resonance effect, allowing it to produce biological ionic light wave which has powerful osmotic force, activation and metabolism that allows it to effectively penetrate deep into the skin. This helps to enhance cell viability, promote skin microvascular blood circulation, dilute deposition of pigment, smoothing out wrinkles and keeping the skin young.

  4. Q :

    Apart from beauty care, is Perfect Mask beneficial in other areas?

    A :

    As Perfect Mask promotes blood circulation, it can effectively relief pain including lower back pain, stimulate the nervous system and reduce fatigue.

  5. Q :

    Who suitable to use Perfect Mask?

    A :

    It is suitable for people whose skin are dull and aging, who suffers from insomnia, who spend several hours using the computer, reading and driving, who stays up late at night and who are suffering from lower back pain.

  6. Q :

    How to use Perfect Mask to achieve the maximum results?

    A :

    After cleansing the face, apply Royal Perfect Cream according to the prescription list before putting on Perfect Mask. The Tourmaline in Perfect Mask will quickly and effectively allow the skin to absorb the nutrients from the mask.

  7. Q :

    How to use Perfect Mask to reduce wrinkles?

    A :

    Put on Perfect Mask every morning for 10 to 20 minutes, and 20 minutes in the afternoon and at night to effectively reduce wrinkles. Ensure that the Perfect Mask rest on the 20 acupuncture points of the face.

  8. Q :

    How to use Perfect Mask to relieve muscle ache or pain in the body joints?

    A :

    Let the Perfect Mask rest on the affected area for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the mask and massage the area gently.

  9. Q :

    How to store Perfect Mask after use?

    A :

    To ensure maximum shelf life, do not squeeze the mask and avoid direct sunlight. Wipe it with a damp cloth and store it in the refrigerator after use.