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Blueberry With Maca Tongkat Ali Extra

Blueberry With Maca Tongkat Ali Extra

9 Sachet x 1.5g
Swiss Formula & GMP Certified
KKM (46) dlm.KKM-163/s/95 jld 122
KKM Food Interphase Approval

SGS Test

Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement !!

The environment is deteriorating everyday and it cause human bodies physical functions to mess up and decline gradually, making people more prone to sickness. Hence, this is where Blueberry with Maca Tongkat Ali Extra plays an important role for our health. It is the outcome of combining the best of the old world wisdom from all corners of the world and the best of modern scrience.

Benefit of Product :

  • Enhance energy & stamina.
  • Improve nocturia condition, urinary frequency and weak urination.
  • Lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Balance the endocrine system.
  • Enhance male sexual performance.
  • Improve sleep and eliminate fatigue.
  • Improve function of liver.
  • Promote blood circulation and regain youth .
  • Prevent osteoporosis.

Ingredients :


Maca which grow 14,000 high in the Andes mountains is considered a very valuable commodity by the Peruvians who have traditionally used it to assist fertility and sexual enhancement generations. Maca it regularly prescribed by doctors in Peru to support fertility in both men and women. It is also increase strength and edurance.

    Tongkat Ali

    Longjack from Malaysia (called as Tongkat Ali) is taken very serious among locals as a powerful herb. Longjack is a small tree found in the jungle throught Malaysia and Southeast Asia. It is used as a tonic, to treat Malaria and increases free testosterone.


      Guarana is a popular herb ingredients found in Brazil’s world famous “Super Energy Herbs”. It is well reputed as a high energy sources and excellent mood elevator.

        Acai Berry

        Everywhere you turn the Acai Berry is being praised for its array of health benefits. Experts believe the Acai Berry is one of the most nourishing natural foods on earth. It keep us young. Healthy and felling your best.

          Tribulus Terrestris

          Tribulus terrestris is a Traditional Chinese herb. It is used to enhance sexual function, increase muscle, mass and improve sperm motility. It is also touted in the treatment of the other conditions such urinary problems and skin conditions like vitiligo.


            Blueberry is a wonderful fruit full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its health benefits are amazingly beneficial in reducing fats, chomping down on free radiacals, combating negative metabolic issues and promoting improved insulin levels. It is also contain Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, Phosphorus and Selenium.

              Questions And Answers
              1. Q :

                What is Maca Tongkat Ali Extra (MTAE)?

                A :

                It is a product that used Nano Technology to combine Lepidium Meyenii, Longjack, Guarana, Acai Berry and Tribulus Terrestris formulated as a supplement. It helps to improve nocturia urinary, balance endocrine system, improve sleep, reduce fatigue and enhance body energy and stamina.

              2. Q :

                What is the special effect of MTAE?

                A :

                It helps to remove toxins from body and promote blood circulation.

              3. Q :

                What are the other benefits of MTAE?

                A :

                It is proven that the ingredients of Lepidium Meyenii and Longjack increase body's testosterone secretion, improve a person’s mood including relieving anxiety and depression, enhance one’s physical density of bones and balance hormones.

              4. Q :

                After consuming MTAE, what are some positive effects?

                A :

                You will feel energetic and your respiratory system operates better.

              5. Q :

                Why does some people experience dizziness and muscles pain after consuming MTAE at the start?

                A :

                This reaction will happen when there is toxins in your blood. These responses usually will go away within a week and these reaction is vanes among individuals.

              6. Q :

                How does MTAE helps to improve the respiratory system?

                A :

                It helps to effectively promote blood circulation. Therefore, it can enhance and improve the respiratory system.

              7. Q :

                Why does some people feel sleepy after consuming MTAE?

                A :

                It helps to ease anxiety, emotional stress, and balance hormonal changes.

              8. Q :

                Why does the body feel heaty after consuming MTAE?

                A :

                It provides the body lot of energy, after consuming a large quantity. Hence, it is advised that more drink.

              9. Q :

                Is MTAE vegan-friendly?

                A :

                It is formulated plants and suitable for vegetarians to consume.

              10. Q :

                How much MTAE should we consume for it to be effective?

                A :

                As it is formulated using nano technology which is a concentrated formulation, one has to consume 1 sachet every TWO days for maximum benefits.

              11. Q :

                How to consume MTAE?

                A :

                Take 1 sachet and pour under your tongue to achieve 99% body absorption in the morning before meals.

              12. Q :

                Is MTAE suitable for pregnant women and children?

                A :

                Pregnant women and children under age of 12 are strongly advised to NOT consume this product.